Branding, branding, and branding, the word is everywhere when you start a business. There is color branding, logo branding, and website branding. It's impossible to get away from it. But there's a reason for it. 


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April 11, 2022

Branding Your Business 

Branding, branding, and branding, the word is everywhere when you start a business. There is color branding, logo branding, and website branding. It's impossible to get away from it. But there's a reason for it. 

As a business, the mission is to have customers rolling in daily. It's essential to leave a lasting impression on guests through excellent customer service and branding. So, let's get started. 

Branding to your Audience 

Who are the people that your business wants to attract? Is it the thrifty and eclectic group, first-time home buyers, or the foodies who are down to try anything? 

An exercise to help start this off is to pretend. Create a list of ideal customers that your business will center around. Use the list to create the audience and distinguish each characteristic. Act out those features and determine if your business can answer their questions. 

It's all about the who, what, when, where, why, and how. Your brand voice will mold to fit your ideal guests. This voice will translate through your social and promotional copy.

Brand Identity 

What is the skeleton of your company? What are the values and mission that make your brand original? How do you want it to be perceived? 

Your identity shines through your content. Your colors, photos, and information speak for your business. Whether you are active on social media or sending ads to local magazines, keep your brand identity consistent. 

For example, Creative Brands Marketing centers around small businesses. There is no second-guessing their target audience. The values are side by side on the website with short descriptions to not waste the clients' time. 

Remember that potential clients want the information clear and short. If your branding is consistent across all platforms, it's easier for your services and products to stand out. Make it simple to understand your business for current and new customers. 


The logo is the visual representation of your business, besides your storefront (if applicable). What's trending right now, there has been a jump in accessorizing one's outfit with their favorite shops' logos. 

So ask yourself, "Can you picture your logo on a tote bag, polo shirt, or sticker?" 

Now, that question doesn't have to apply to everyone. But it helps think about new marketing strategies.

Your logo can consist of symbols, initials, or just type. Choosing the correct color scheme and style can be daunting. We recommend researching industries related to your business and its logos. The next step is to hire a local graphic designer or agency or take it upon yourself to design a logo. 

Designing a logo is time-consuming and tedious. You're dealing with mockups, redesigns, and the occasional emotional breakdown. After a few design rejections, you eventually have your brand's logo. This logo will be carrying your brand forever or until you decide to rebrand. 

Website Branding 

The virtual store, the one-way stop, the icing on the cake. Your website. Yes, branding seeps its way onto your site. This part is vital for businesses. Let us explain. 

Online traffic has increased over the decade, especially post-pandemic. People flock to websites to shop, share the links to friends, and keep the tab open on their web browser. The support for shopping local is increasing, and the demand for functional websites on rising. 

Your website needs to satisfy the basics, including who you are, services, and where to find you. Create a space that makes customers want to stay awhile and get to know your company. Branding makes this happen. 

A business site doesn't have to be a dictionary for all your services. It should be an introduction and affirmation of your services and products. The design should be simple to navigate, the appearance aligns with your brand colors, and contact information is available without needing a scavenger hunt. 

Your business site is there to reiterate your branding. What is in-store is the same online. There should be a seamless transition from an in-person to an online experience. 

Building a brand is never an easy task. There is a lot to consider, such as budget, boundaries, and capacity. Take a step back and do your research. Utilize the resources around you and ask questions. Branding can be experimental, fun, and educational. You learn from the hits and misses. 

Happy branding! 

Stay informed!

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